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Rocking Oak Woodworks

We are located at 101 N. Fisk Ave, Brownwood, TX as of September 1st, 2023
I can mail any products you buy or if you live locally come drop by the store. We are online as well as on Facebook for updates on our store and products. 

You can email me any time for more information on any of the products or if you would like to have a item customized. Although I will not be able to start on any customized item until the price is paid in full. 

Be aware that some items are not currently made and will take a 2 weeks to recreate. This allows there to be an unlimited supply of items. Each item with unique wood grain will be different as each item is handcrafted. The more detailed the product, the longer it will take to make. Once you decide on a item you like and are ready to purchase I can let you know how long it will take to make. Some of the items like the Jeep pyrography took 15 hours to burn over the course of month, the cowgirl took 12 hours over a course of 2 weeks. The length of time will also depend on other orders that may have been placed before. Please email and I will let you know the time frame you will be working with. 

Shipping on the larger items will vary. I tried my best to estimate an overall price.



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