Mesquite swirl river table


This end table was a learning process for me more than most of the others. When I work with epoxy it is a new challenge each time as it is very temperament. I really enjoyed creating and experimenting with the table. I added a purple heart frame for a more finished look, more of my preference than anything. The process of clear epoxy to create the river gave it more of a realistic look, the blue swirl on bottom was just fun. The swirl is a simple process however it brings so much more life to the epoxy. The process is waiting 20 minutes into the 30 minute hardening time of the epoxy and taking a popsicle stick, in my case, to mix up the glitter specks at the bottom to allow them to dry and harden at the top to be visible. This table was bigger than my last full epoxy table with dimensions of 35in x 15in.