River Table with light


Not all tables are finished quickly. For this table, it actually took us a year and a half due to our frustration. After some patience and dedication, we were able to finish this table beautifully.

This was the first table we attempted to make, although we were technically making two tables during this time and a slice with three crosses. We don't ever do anything small to start, this was a jump-in with both legs type of project as is most of the things we do. We learned that each pour must cure a full 24 hours before attempting another pour as you see at the end how it began smoking a lot. That is the chemical reaction between the two layers at different cure times. The smoke created bubbles within the layer below where we were unable to reach without completely redoing a large section. Expoxy projects don't always turn out the way you expect them to, this one we decided to take the bubbles as waves on the shore. Once we accepted it a frame and some amazing metal gold legs with the lights turned this table into a masterpiece. Of course, I am biased.