New Vendors

      Our Mission as an established business is to sell our handcrafted products with the utmost pride and respect to our customers. We do our best to sell all products equally with no favoritism. We plan to grow our business to a must-see place in new downtown Brownwood.

     As a Partnership we are selling our handcrafted furniture and wood products ranging from tables, benches, epoxy tables, rocking animals, cutting boards, pyrography art, laser engraved items.

     As we obtain a store to house our products, we have also opened our doors to other small businesses that sell handcrafted items to join us in a cohesive store.

      Our hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 10am – 5pm, Friday 10am - 6pm and Saturday 9am – 6pm.

      We will open after hours for special events that occur downtown.

      We have been open since 1st of September 2023. We are located at 101 Fisk Ave the old Texas Fun Co. building across the street from Over the Rainbow Ice Cream shop.

      We are continuing the esthetic of catering to each demographic with our included vendors.

Vendor Spaces Available

10x10 - $150/month + 10% Commission

10x5 - $100/month + 10% Commission

5x5 - $75/month + 10% Commission

Two 2ft shelves - $50 + 10% Commission

If you are interested in becoming a vender in our store please download the pdf and email it to