We strive to make the best art for every household.

I challenge myself daily to advance my art and skill to strive for the best. Starting when I was 17 with My Dad in shop to now being in my own garage having my littles running around as I work.  My Dad continues to teach me. We have fully joined forced as we have advanced our business to making furniture, as I have backed off from Pyrography due to a surgery on my arm. We enjoy trying new things and growing our skill in new ways. I would like to teach my kids one day just as My Dad taught me. 

Our business started on my 18th birthday when I was given a lathe for my birthday. I began turning everything I could for practice. We received a woodturning magazine and decided to try a pen kit for fun. After making a few we gave them as gifts to various family members including my grandmother. My Grandmother who was very proud of her gift began showing her pen to everybody she knew. Our business began from there and has expanded with each new skill we learn.  

Our Store is OPEN! This is a huge step for us and our families. On September 1st, 2023 we have finally secured a building to sale all our things in one place. We have been joined by several other amazing vendors.