This epoxy and mesquite side table started as a refinish project of an antique sewing table that the owner requested it be redone to fit their new house. After pulling it all apart they customer requested a new top with just using the base. We took the request and added the river. We were given a few liberties on just making it look extra awesome with the added fossils and shells in the bottom. I incorporated four rainbow trout, that I had printed on a 3D resin printer which I painted and added to the river. We used an indoor/outdoor finish to to ensure its longevity.  

The Hair blown girl really challenged me to pay attention to the details of the face. As I am not very good with faces this put me out of my comfort zone. It showed me how to use my pyrography tool more efficiently in the shading process. I learned a lot and that is my favorite part. I love the intensity of her eyes, it really pulls you in. 

The butterflies turned out great as I grow my technique with each one. This set of three was a special one as it was for a very special Aunt of mine that has been very supportive. As she has bought several of my pieces with special orders that she loves the most. The blend of colors is my favorite part of all the butterflies, the blue and yellow/orange are my favorite. I love how they bring the butterfly to life right before your eyes. 

The video is of myself burning a picture of my little girl standing in my alumni hat and in her Daddy's boots. She was the best model for me and loved helping me. I have to admit I am not great at realistic faces so I had her turn around. 

This portrait was the perfect gift for my Dad on Father's Day. My Dad has always been so supportive and my silent partner in the business. He has always loved receiving my work as gifts, especially when it is of his grandchildren. 

This was one of my favorite projects as I carved the book first from a slice of cottonwood into the 4x4 book then was able to turn it into my Favorite little Harry Potter book. This was quickly bought by a loving grandmother to give to her son for the birth of her second granddaughter. As Harry Potter was special to her and her family as well. 

The video is just the pyrography portion. I had already cut the hearts out on the scroll saw and poured the colored epoxy in days before. It shows the time that it takes to burn the blocked out items and how slow I have to go to get an excellent dark picture. Also, you get to see the transformation of when the clear coat goes on Mesquite. It is incredible the way that the wood grains stand out, making the picture that much bolder. 

This cross turned out way better than I expected. I loved making this custom order cross for my dear friend. It was a 16 in x 8 in cross. A friend from work had her house burn down in a tragic accident that burned a large portion of properties in our area. She needed things to decorate her new home. I was very thankful she liked my work and allowed me to make something she envisioned. The verse was her choice, but it fits perfectly in the design. If I could find the cross style again, I would definitely create one for my own house. 

This is one of my favorite pieces to do. Making the 3D butterflies are fun and it allows me to do a little coloring to find the best way to make it look more realistic. I have made them in multiple ways in multiple colors. Each one is unique in its own way. This is the creativity that I love and helps me grow my skills with everyone. 

I had the pleasure of making nameplate for my kids to go above their cubbies. They had the joy of painting them. I think they turned out pretty good and the kids had a blast. I have already had an order for a precious little girl.