Short Stories

Short Stories


I have a very active imagination.
As I go about my day, my mind wanders.



He stood over the gas stove with the kettle warming pulling it off seconds before the whistle as not to startle his friend in the next room.

Snowy Night


The snow was up above my knees, and all noise seemed buried below it. The full moon's light glowed from its surface and glinted in my cloudy breath. I had set out into the cold because the stack of firewood was dangerously low. Collecting wood was easier in the evening than the wee hours of the morning after the fire...



"I've got a plan." He whispered from the next room over. Our beds shared a very thin wall and the vent just above our head helped. He had kept me alive these past weeks just by talking with me.

Knowing what comes next is the hardest question of all. Trying to anticipate the future to save what is yours.

How do the superheroes of our world get their start? Gamma rays, radioactive, a magic staff; everyone is different from the next just as Olivia's story is.

The Escape


What do you do when you are stuck in a situation you hate? How do you escape your nightmare or do you?

The burn of fire outside is unknown as the world has collapsed. Surviving the elements is all that is important, right?