Beautiful Mesquite coffee table with walnut bowties. This coffee table/bench has four black metal legs mounted on bottom. The table is sturdy enough to be a bench. The mesquite wood has a live edge on two sides and a rub on poly finish. It is 4 feet long by 18 in and 2 foot tall.

This end table was a learning process for me more than most of the others. When I work with epoxy it is a new challenge each time as it is very temperament. I really enjoyed creating and experimenting with the table. I added a purple heart frame for a more finished look, more of my preference than anything. The...

This river table is the first of its kind. I have done several others but none with these dimensions or all by myself. Most of our projects are done in the big shop but as this one was of a smaller size I made it in my small shop.

Not all tables are finished quickly. For this table, it actually took us a year and a half due to our frustration. After some patience and dedication, we were able to finish this table beautifully.

This blog page will show you the process of the different tables that we are making. The process is always improving and changing as we learn from each table. New challenges inspire us to do more each time. As our tools are upgraded so is our technique. I hope you enjoy watching and reading how we make our products.